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UOS Welcomes Rav Eitan Kupietzky

Please join us Shabbat May 21, 2022 for multiple discussions with Rav Eitan Kupietzky. He is the Managing Director of the Gimmel Foundation, a non-profit that runs after-school clubs and camps for children at risk in the south of Israel.

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Memorial Celebration & Unveiling for UOS Cantor Irving Dean

Please join us for the unveiling for Cantor Dean on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at Adath Emeth Cemetery at 1:00 pm. Followed by a Memorial Celebration at UOS at 2:30 pm.



Ongoing Weekdays:

Daf Yomi with Rabbi Yaakov Nagel

At the moment, the UOSH Daf Yomi Shiur, led by Rabbi Nagel, is on Zoom Sun-Thurs at 6:30 PM except on                                                    Wednesdays it's in person at UOS after Maariv and Zoom on motzai'i Shabbat at 7:30 pm. We're currently                                                      learning from Tractate Ta'anit. Anyone interested should contact Scott Garfinkle on WhatsApp to be                                                              added to the WhatsApp announcements group and to get the zoom link.


Shiur Klali with Rabbi Sprung

Join us each Monday at 9:30 pm to study tractate Bava Kama with Rabbi Sprung. Each Wednesday you will receive a source sheet for self study that will focus on an idea in tractate Bava Kama then on Monday evening will meet to discuss in a classical Yeshiva style class for ambitious beginners or old-hands.




Torah Tuesday with Rabbi Urkowitz

Join us each Tuesday at 7:30 pm for a zoom class with Rabbi Urkowitz. Please click here to join via Zoom. Meeting ID 965 1019 8510, Passcode GUe0it


Tehillim: Selections & Reflections 

Beginning on March 23, 2022. Join us each Wednesday at 8:30 pm to learn Tehillim with Rabbi Sprung. Located at the Bootin Home.





After Breakfast Class

Please join us every Thursday after the UOS breakfast for a interesting class with Rabbi Sprung on "Rabbinic Authority: What, Why and How?".



Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Sprung

Join Rabbi Sprung every Thursday at 12 pm in Freedman Hall for Lunch and Learn! Today's Special: Halakha in the Parsha.” focusing on a Halakha that comes from the weekly Parsha. Register here





A Taste of Parsha


Join us each Friday morning following Shacharit to turn Friday into Erev Shabbat by studying a short lesson from the weekly Parsha at the UOS breakfast.





Shabbat Meals 

We are happy to be working with Jenny Tavor to offer Shabbat meals to our community members. Click here to order. If you would like to add items at extra cost to your order, please contact Jenny directly at (713) 542-6530.



Ongoing Shabbat:

UOS Shabbat Class:

Study Massechet Sotah. 1 hour before Mincha. Please contact the office for location.


UOS Dipping into the Well

Study with Rabbi Sprung as we explore the Torah's text, the writings of its greatest interpreters, and the lessons we may take from them. On Shabbat, 45 minutes before Mincha.



UOS Shabbat Class:

Study Gemara with David Silberman, after Mincha in the trailer.



Wed, May 18 2022 17 Iyyar 5782