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Please click here to schedule a Mikvah request

In order to schedule the use of the Mikvah:

  • For conversions, brides, toyveling or men, please contact the Shul office at 713-723-3850
  • For women wanting to use the Mikvah after regular office hours, please fill out the form below and an attendant will contact you.
  • The Barbara and Danny Gold Family Community Mikvah Center, located at United Orthodox Synagogues, is a modern Mikvah facility that includes the Susan and Michael Abramowitz Family Community Mikvah as well as the fashionable Beverly and Howard Feldman Lounge.
    Built in 1999,and remodeled in 2013 by Ilene & Don Kramer & family, the community Mikvah center is equipped with two up to date preparation rooms with showers for privacy and convenience, a relaxing lounge furnished with a vanity center for bridal preparation, and a contemporary kosher Mikvah. Trained attendants are available to assist all mikvah users.

    The Mikvah serves several purposes and constituencies. In terms of priority, they are:

    Use by women, Use for conversions, Toyveling of dishes, Use by men


    Hours reserved for women to immerse are after tzeit hacochavim (nightfall):
    This can be found on the right side on this page. If you are unsure of the earliest time to immerse, please contact Rabbi Gelman.

    Out of Town Visitors - 24 hours notice in required.
    If you are visiting and need to use the UOS mikva, please provide the name of a Rabbi, Rebbetzin or religious leader who can vouch for you to one of the Mikva chairs. In order to leave time for the chair to contact your reference, please contact the chair at least 24 hours prior to the time you need to use the Mikva. 

    This measure has been put in place to assure the safety of our Mikva attendants. If you do not provide the required information 24 hours in advance, we cannot guarantee that an appointment will be made. Once the chair has spoken with your reference, you will be emailed the attendant's email address so you can schedule an appointment. 

    Questions about Mikvah Use:

    UOS’s Yoetzet Halacha, Atara Segal, is accessible to our community throughout the year for questions and consultations through phone, email and texting. Atara Segal can be reached by phone/text at (424) 835-9074 and by email at

    Rabbi Gelman is always available for answering halachic questions.
    Members can log into the established account set up for this purpose and send the Rabbi questions from this e-mail account. The Rabbi will reply to the same e-mail address, thus insuring anonymity of the sender.
    In order to access this account go to, Login with the username and the password is mikvah. All questions should be sent to  Please remember put a distinguishing subject in the subject line of your e-mail, to recognize which email is intended for you. Please respect the privacy of other mikvah members and do not open any one else’s e-mail. 

    General Information:

    The Mikvah is not a locker room and should not be used for the sole purpose of showering and dressing.
    Men are not allowed in the Mikvah for any reason during women only hours and will have access to the Mikvah, by appointment only Monday - Friday from 8:30am, until 2 hours before sundown. The usage fee for men is $18.00/ person/visit. Please call the synagogue office to schedule your appointment.
    Conversions are to be scheduled through the office and must occur during the day.
    Brides are to schedule their appointment through the office and must occur during the day.
    Toyveling hours are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, Monday thru Friday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm.
    • Items must be new and devoid of stickers.
    • If objects being toveled are not new, they are subject to inspection by UOS. Dirty/greasy items may not be toveled.
    • Persons toveling must bring his/her own towels. The mikvah, surrounding area, all floors and the waiting room must be left clean and dry after toveling. Do not leave boxes, papers, etc. Trash receptacles are provided for your use in disposing of small items.

    Toyveling Fees:






    less than 15 mins or 2-3 items



    up to 30 minutes



    up to 1 hour



    up to 1.5 hours



    2 hours (recommended for kashering a kitchen/new wedding gifts)

    Only the Mikvah attendants will have the combination. If you need to use the Mikvah and wish to go with your regular partner you must still contact the person on call that evening to gain access to the Mikvah. If you do have the combination (as a volunteer attendant) do not under any circumstances give out the combination to the Mikvah to anyone.

    One may not use the Mikvah unless they are a member in good standing or have paid for a particular visit.Membership forms are available in the synagogue office.

    In order to help cover the ongoing costs of maintaining a clean, safe and comfortable Mikvah, the following charges are in place:


  • Women pay an annual (April -March) fee of $180 or $18.00/person/visit.

  • One time use for conversion requires a fee of $180/ person.

  • One time use, pre-wedding, requires a fee of $50/person.

  • Mikvah room use for wedding preparations during daylight hours only requires a charge of $100.00 (no food is to be brought into mikvah rooms)

  • One time use, for out of town visitor, requires a fee of $18.

  • Men pay $18/person/visit

  • All fees must be paid prior to the use of the Mikvah. Please use the link below or if paying by check, please make it out to United Orthodox Synagogue, or pay in cash.

  • Please click here in make a payment or donation for the Mikvah.

    Please read through the mikvah guidelines and scheduled fees. If you have any questions or need to schedule an appointment please call the synagogue office. 

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