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Our Mikvah has two preparation rooms, both with everything one needs to prepare at the Mikvah. All immersions are by appointment only with evenings reserved for women. Attendants are generally not scheduled for daytime appointments, but may be available with advance notice. We welcome you to visit us!


To schedule use of the Mikvah, please make your request 48 hours in advance.

For women wanting to use the Mikvah please submit the Mikvah request form here. 

For conversions, brides, toveling dishes, or men, please contact shul office for an appointment 713-723-3850.

For information surrounding Tevilah, click here



To help cover the ongoing costs of maintaining a clean, safe and comfortable Mikvah the following charges are in place:

Description Fee
Women and Men Single Use: Member $  18.00
Women and Men Single Use: Non Member $  25.00
Annual Fee for Women Members (June-May) $ 180.00
Annual Fee for Women Non Members (June-May) $ 250.00
Conversion $ 180.00
Dish Toveling Fees:  
Less Than 15 Minutes (2-3 items) $  10.00
Up To 30 Minutes $  18.00
Up to 1 Hour $  36.00
Up to 1.5 Hours $  45.00
2 Hours (Recommended for kashering a new kitchen) $  60.00


Pay Online: click here (Click one of the Mikvah options on the drop down menu)

Pay with cash/check: Make it payable to 'United Orthodox Synagogues'. Drop in designated drawer in Mikvah Lounge 



Questions about Mikvah or Taharat Hamishpacha-Niddah? We are here for you! 

Alisha Klapholtz, Director of Mikvah, and Ruthie Shulman, Educator and Halachic Consultant, are happy to answer any and all questions.

Alisha Klapholtz, Director of Mikvah


The Mikvah is housed at United Orthodox Synagogues, a modern Mikvah facility that was built in 1999 and remodeled in 2013. This work has been supported by many wonderful families in our community, including Ilene and Don Kramer, Barbara and Danny Gold, Susan and Michael Abramowitz and Beverly and Howard Feldman as well as the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and other congregations across the city. 

Please consider a donation to help continue our service of the Mikvah. 

Tue, March 28 2023 6 Nisan 5783