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  Tevilah (immersion) with a bracha (blessing) Tevilah without a bracha Does not require Tevilah


Glass (includes Duralex, Enamel, Pyrex, Corelle), Metal (includes steel, aluminum, silver, lead, iron, tin, copper, brass, gold, etc.)

  Wood, Stone, Chine (includes Bone China, Glazed China, Earthenware), Paper, Plastic, Asbestos 
Types of Utensils Utensils which come in direct contact with food during preparation or eating   Utensils which are only used to hold other utensils 
Examples (only valid when the above conditions are valid i.e. type of material, manufactured or purchased from a non-Jew, etc.) Silverware, Glasses, Dishes, Pots and pans, Canteen, Goblets, Crystal Storage containers, Bread box, Grinders, Blades of a mixer, Nutcracker, Strainer, Grater  Disposable pans, Can openers, Electronic utensils. 


The Torah, (Bamidbar 31:23) when describing the war against the midianites, commands that vessels, captured as booty not be used until they are both koshered and purified. The Talmud (Avodah Zarah 75b) explains that in order to be "purified" they must be immersed in a kosher mikvah. 

In accordance with this commandment, many utensils, manufactured by or purchased from a non-Jew require immersion in a mikvah prior to use. Contrary to popular belief utensils requiring immersion must be immersed before even their first use. Prior to immersion all tangible chatzitzos (barriers to water) such as labels, glue, etc must me removed. Discolorations such as intangible rust spots are not considered chatzitzas. 

Prior to immersing vessels which require bracha, one recites the bracha "baruch atah adonay elohanu melech haolom asher kidishanu b'mitzvotav v'tzivanu al tevilat kalim." Even when only one vessel is immersed, the custom is to recite "al tevilat kalim." PLEASE NOTE: Many utensils are made of several different types of materials, some of which require tevilah and some that do not. One should consult a halachic authority to ascertain the requirement for Tevilah. 

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