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10:00 am

Tfilot Yeladim

1st-5th grades, in the trailer with the Bnot Sherut

10:30 am

Kids Tfilot

Ages 0-6, in the trailer with Rachel Gladstein

5:00 pm


Parents are encouraged to join us for Mincha





For more information about our youth programming, please contact us at

Here are some current programs:




Here are some of our past activities:

Weekly Snif for grades 1st-12th (Every Shabbat) Zach paint night
Children Seudah Shlishit at the same time as B'nei Akiva snif Chevraya Aleph event at Jumping World
Holiday programming by B'nei Akiva Torah Pizza and Gym - Month;y event at Robert M. Beren Academy
Children Sunday morning minyan by B'nei Akiva with a fun activity Yom Hashoah Zikaron commemoration
Weekly Seudah Shlishit for Chevraya Bet (teens) Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut - transition Tekes and celebrations
Teen Minyan Shabbaton Za"ch (7th-8th grades)
Teen Mishmar (Every two weeks) Shabbaton IDP - Israel Day Parade (High Schoolers)
Monthly Friday night oneg for teens Yom Yerushalayim Tfila and activity
Chevraya Bet Shabbaton Shavuot all night learning
B'nei Akiva Mishloach Manot scholarship fundraiser Yom Chesed Day in memory of Rabbi Yosef Radinsky
B'nei Akiva Purim Carnival (at the block party)  



The Louis and Leah Yaffee Bnei Akiva is the youth group of the Houston Orthodox Jewish Community. Based at United Orthodox Synagogues, Bnei Akiva is a visible presence at the shul and throughout the Houston Jewish community. Bnei Akiva programming begins with third grade and continues through high school. UOS also serves as the regional headquarters for the southern region of Bnei Akiva. Our region encompasses several cities that join together for regional shabbatonim several times a year.

Locally, Bnei Akiva provides many social activities for their members, such as go-carting, bowling, lazer tag, and trips to sporting events and amusement parks. It provides our youth with volunteer opportunities and educational programming. They attend local, regional, and national shabbatonim to provide our youth with a nationwide network of like-minded Zionist students. Most importantly, Bnei Akiva teaches leadership and responsibility to our children while fostering a love for the state of Israel.

Every Shabbat afternoon, our youth from around our community meet at the shul for snif. Under the leadership of our advisors, our madrichim lead groups of various ages in learning and recreational programming. This has become the highlight of Shabbat for the community youth.

Bnei Akiva is the world's largest religious Zionist youth organization. It is active all over the world, with over 50,000 members. Bnei Akiva believes that through religious commitment and work on the land of Israel, Jewish youth can achieve fulfillment and self - realization in an age of turmoil and unrest.

As a pioneering Zionist youth movement, Bnei Akiva believes that it is a crucial mitzvah of Judaism to return to the land of Israel. Indeed the future of the Jewish people is obviously tied to the state of Israel. Bnei Akiva feels Jewish youth in the Diaspora must be educated to the realization that the Jewish State needs them, and they need the Jewish State.

Bnei Akiva operates local Shabbat groups, summer camps, leadership seminars, Shabatonim, and activities in six continents. Naturally, the center focus of Bnei Akiva is located in Israel, where Bnei Akiva is extremely active and where many members of Bnei Akiva participate in Bnei Akiva activities before they make Aliya.


To learn more about Bnei Akiva, follow the following links:

National Bnei Akiva

World Bnei Akiva -

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