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Shabbat Services & Classes

Check this week's Shabbat Bulletin for the most current classes and updated times

Morning Services: Morning services in the main sanctuary followed by Kiddush.

Shabbat Class: with  Rabbi Barry Gelman. It is customary to study Pirkei Avot during the summer months. Please join Rabbi Barry Gelman, one hour before Mincha on Shabbat afternoon to study Pirkei Avot - the foundational text of Jewish ethics. These classes will focus on the foundations of Jewish thought and where the ideas presented in the text make their way into practical Jewish life.

     Massechet Shabbat: with Gideon Miller one hour and fifteen minutes before Mincha, at the home of                  Tova and Pablo Geralnik.

During Seudot Shlishit: Sing & Study with Rabbi Gelman. Pull up a chair for some soulful singing and inspiring musar study.

Massechet Bava Metziah: with David Silberman, after Mincha.




Tue, January 19 2021 6 Shevat 5781