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Hakarat Hatov Shabbat

Gaye and Dennis Halpin

Dennis has been a member since 1964. His favorite memories are singing in the choir and participating in the Synagogue Yiddush musicals. He was a member of the Synagogue Choir from 1964 to 1998 (when Cantor Dean retired), Treasurer of the Adath Emeth Junior Choir in 1965, member of NCSY (Junior and Senior), worked in the Synagogue Library in the 1960s until he graduated high school in 1971 (yes, we had an actual lending library), played a part in the Synagogue Yiddish Musical Comedies in the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, a member of the UOSH contingent in the Houston Pilgrimage to Israel group in 1970, frequently led davening, and served as Gabbai. Their family simchas at UOS include Dennis's Bar Mitzvah in 1966, his parents 25th wedding anniversary in 1971, his sister's wedding and their wedding.


Doreen and Basil Joffe

They have been members since 1979 and their favorite memories include the many UOS Gala Dinners and other Fund Raising activities held over the years which brought the community together in joyful celebration. Basil also chaired the fund raising for the Shul renovation in 2000 which culminated in a very special celebratory event. Their volunteer activities and offices held are as follows: Basil joined the UOS Board in the early 1980’s and served as Shul President in 1988 and 1989. He continued to serve on the Board for many years thereafter and also served on the Federation Board and as Chair of the Houston AIPAC Council. He recently retired from his duty as Gabbai Rishon which he had performed for 15 years. Doreen also committed herself to the community as a beloved teacher for nearly 15 years at the Hebrew Academy (now the RMBA) where she taught many of our UOS members and their children. Subsequently she was the Co-founder of the Houston Jewish Film Festival and has served on its selection committee for almost 20 years. Their family simchas include: Doreen and Basil’s older daughter Elise and her husband Dan were married in Tappan Hill New York in 1998 by Rabbi Radinsky z”l and Rabbi Ephrai’im Buchwald with Dan’s Aufruf at UOS the week before the wedding. Their younger daughter Terry and her husband Barak were married at the Rice Hotel in Houston in 1999 with Rabbi Radinsky z”l and Cantor Irving Dean z”l officiating. Their favorite service of the year for both Doreen and Basil is Yom Kippur Ne’ilah!


Nancy Beren and Larry Jefferson

They have been members since 1983 and their favorite memories are with Rabbi Joseph Radinsky and Cantor Irving Dean;  Montessori;  Purim and Purim Carnivals; learning on Shavuot in the library; Dedicating Torah donated by Temple Hadar Israel in honor of its legacy and Irene, Jake and Ryder Sherman who made the gift possible. Their volunteer activities and offices held are as follows: Nancy: Building Campaign Finance Committee, 2019 – 2020,Chair Eishet Chayil Brunch in Honor of Mindy Mitzner Zisholtz, 2020, Chair Torah Dedication, 2018, Chair Celebration honoring Dena and Baruch Brody, 2017,  50th Anniversary Gala Committee, 2015, Chair Major Gifts for Fundraising Dinner, 2008 - 2009, Chair Major Gifts for 40th Anniversary Gala, 2005 - 2006, Board of Trustees, 1985 – 1987. Larry: Interim Rabbi Search Committee, 2021, shofar blowing, 1984 - 2010, Vice President, 1989, Board of Trustees, 1984 – 1989, Family simchas: Simchat Bat daughter Irene, 1984; Bat Mitzvahs of daughters Irene, 1997 and Elizabeth, 1998; Bar Mitzvah of son Alexander, 2003.


Carol and Dov Liberman

Carol has been a member since 1967 and Dov since 1985. Their favorite memories and simchas include: their marriage in 1985 which was followed with their daughter Bryna becoming a Bat Mitzvah and their sons Micha and Joe becoming Bnei Mitzvah. The UOS family/community is a part of each member's immediate family with "ties which though light as air as strong as links of iron" (Walter Lippman, Essays in the Public Philosophy) Their volunteer activities and offices held include: Carol as a lifetime member of the UOS Sisterhood. has served hundreds of meals and volunteered in the kitchen, and has worked on various committees and programs. Presently she in on the Planning and Events Committee. Dov is our weekday head gabbi, chair of the Tzedakah Committee, member of the Ritual Committee, former board member and vice president, and former member of the Chesed Committee.


Annette and Ian Kavin

They have been members since 1981. Their favorite memories include: Kol Nedrei service with Cantor Dean; Neila services with Cantor Dean and Rabbi Gelman; Yehuda Patt davening on High Holidays; choir on High Holidays; children rushing onto the bimah to sit on Rabbi Radinsky’s lap, singing Adon Olam. Their simchas include: Hayley’s Bat Mitzvah 1982; Dodi’s and Jonathan’s marriage 1992; Hayley’s wedding and Daniel’s marriage 1995. Their volunteer activities and offices held include: Annette served two years on the board; worked with Sisterhood in many positions;  helped cook and bake; sent Mazel Tov and bereavement cards; worked in the garden with Sonia



Roselyn Borger

She has been a member since arriving in Houston, 76 years ago. Roz was married to Jules at Adath Emeth Shul, on Ennis St. in 1953.  All of their children were Bar Mitzvahed and confirmed at the Shul. My husband, Jules Borger, was chairman of the Board of the Shul during the years of Rabbi Schwartzman.  My favorite memories are both my boys' Bar Mitzvahs, my daughter Sharon and Eddie Grosman's wedding, and of course my own wedding at Adath Emeth.  The reception was held in the little room next door to the Shul, no air conditioning, but lots of fans, dancing, food and drink.  June 7, 1953.  The Shul was a wonderful social meeting place; we had all our simchas, the wonderful plays which were directed and played by Cantor and Millie Dean.  Friday night services were always a social time, as was Shabbat morning and all the ladies of the Shul preparing and cooking lunch for the whole congregation.  Beautiful times and beautiful memories.   


Joy and Joe Blog

They have been members since 1984.  Their favorite memories are of Cantor Dean chanting Kol Nidre, Cantor & Millie Dean celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, many Shabbat lunches with Rabbi and Juliette Radinsky and Rabbi Gelman helping us celebrate our grandson’s bar mitzvah on Zoom during Covid.  Joe’s volunteer activities and offices held are Membership chair from 1990 – 2001, UOS President 2002 – 2005 and UOS Cemetery Association President since 2008.  Joy was Sisterhood President from 1988 – 1990 and Catering committee chair for 14 years, leading a wonderful volunteer team planning and executing scores of bar and bat mitzvah luncheons.  Their family simchas include B’nei Mitzvot of our son Gabriel and three of his children, Annie, Sebastiaan and Olivia.


Steve Moore

A native Houstonian, Steve and his twin brother Mike joined United Orthodox (previously called Adath Emeth) when his parents, Abe and Betty Moore, joined the shul in the 1950’s. Steve remembers his childhood at the synagogue fondly, singing in the choir with his father and twin brother Mike. Other favorite memories include Friday night services with the Dean family and his Tony Award-winning role in “Malka Ropes a Texan.” Other volunteer activities include being on the board of directors, Vice President for 7 years, and head of the Cantor’s Concert. Out of all of the accomplishments, Steve’s proudest accomplishment is when he and his wife Denise married and joined the shul, followed by the baby namings of his daughters Stacie and Amanda.

Mike Moore

A native Houstonian, Mike and his twin brother Steve joined United Orthodox (previously called Adath Emeth) when his parents, Abe and Betty Moore, joined the shul in the 1950’s. Some of Mike’s best childhood memories revolved around the shul, making lifelong friends in NCSY and most importantly his family. Mike loved to sing with his father and brother in the choir and also enjoyed attending Friday night services with his siblings Steve, Beverly, and Myra. Mike has loved being an active member of the congregation helping with numerous Cantor’s Concerts and Mock Sedars. Mike is a proud member of AIPAC and a supporter of Israel.


Stella and Gerald Blumenthal

They have been members since 1978.  Their favorite memories are:  (1) listening to the beautiful voice of Cantor Dean, (2) having Rabbi Radinsky and Cantor Dean officiate at the weddings of our three daughters and (3) listening to the beautiful speech by Rabbi Gelman at our youngest daughter’s funeral.



Riva and Harry Schneider

After being married for 13 months, Harry and Riva moved to Houston with their two month old baby (Rachel) in February 1972.  They bought a house on Greenwillow because it was near UOS, the only orthodox shul in Houston so they could walk to shul on Shabbat.  There were no sidewalks on Greenwillow at that time and we had to walk in the street to get to shul.  Rabbi Radinsky arrived in Houston a few years later and recognized the need for a sidewalk.  Together with him, Riva and a few other women, took a petition signed by a majority of Greenwillow residents and appeared before Houston City Council to request a sidewalk be installed.  It was approved and a sidewalk was installed the next year. 

In the next few years Riva and Harry had two more children (Marcie and Chaim) and Riva started working as a Judaic teacher at the Goldberg Montessori School at UOS.   Riva served on the Education Committee, in the Sisterhood, on the NCSY parents group helping with the Purim carnival, shabbatons and other activities. 

Harry became more involved in UOS activities when former president Ralph Grenville asked him to resurrect the Mens Club which had been inactive over 10 years.  Harry  became president of the Mens Club in 1990.  The Mens Club became very active in the next few years, having monthly meetings with speakers.  It sponsored annual Mother’s Day brunches with roses for the ladies, annual shul fix up/clean up days, group outings to Astros, basketball and hockey games. It planted a row of oak shade trees on Greenwillow from Cantor Dean’s house to the shul and even had a group of members participate in a Habitat for Humanity project.  Within two years, the Mens Club had over 200 members.        

Harry became a member of the UOS Board of Directors and served for 25 consecutive years.  During that time he served as Vice President and Treasurer for several years.  In the mid 1990’s shul membership was growing and the Board felt a need to expand.  It formed a building committee of which Harry was a member and developed a remodeling and expansion plan.  After some extensive fundraising, construction was begun.   Working with the contractor, Harry monitored the project on a daily basis, reviewing the drawings and resolving any issues that arose. 

After the completion of the UOS expansion, Harry was asked to participate in the construction of the new Beren Academy.  He joined their building committee and began monitoring their construction on a daily basis like he had done at UOS.

A significant family event occurred in June 1991.  Chaim, Riva and Harry’s son was having his aufruf on Shabbat, June 9 at UOS.  A number of his friends had traveled from Yeshiva University to attend the celebration.  However, when we awoke on Shabbat, we found that hurricane Allison had hit the night before and the streets and UOS sanctuary were flooded.  We slogged through the high water to the shul.  Luckily, the Spira building which we had built just two years before was elevated and did not flood.  The boys and some other members moved tables and chairs and a torah to the dry building and we were able to have his aufruf just as planned.   Other family simchas that we shared at UOS were the Bat Mitzvahs of both our daughters and Bar Mitzvah of our son.  

After hurricane Allison, Harry and another group were formed to remediate the shul building and school wing.  Following the completion of the shul remediation, Rabbi Radinsky announced his desire to retire and Harry was on the committee formed to develop criteria for finding a new rabbi for UOS.  In 2003, the committee selected Rabbi Gelman and submitted his name to the membership who approved his hiring.

While on the Board, Harry took over the supervision of the three UOS cemeteries, Adath Israel, Adath Emeth, and Beth Jacob which needed significant improvement   The cemeteries had very little money for improvements, but Harry was able to raise a little money and installed new fencing at Adath Emeth, repaired fallen fencing at Adath Israel, and had sidewalks installed at Beth Jacob.  He also had old ramshackle custodian buildings which were in disrepair and safety hazards and hadn’t been used in many years at Adath Emeth and Adath Israel removed.   

After 50 plus years as members, Riva and I found the UOS community as a friendly and supportive family and we know it will remain that way in the future. 

Marilyn and Ron Kammerman

They joined UOS in 1974 and their favorite memories are of our son Todd singing in the choir with Cantor Dean on the High Holidays and Todd attending UOS Montessori and Cantor Dean singing with the students.  They also enjoyed celebrating holidays (Purim, Simcat Torah) with family and friends.  Ron was a member of the UOS board and assistant treasurer, Men’s club treasurer, volunteer for NCSY and other UOS activities.  Marilyn was a volunteer for NCSY, sisterhood and other UOS activities, a member of the education committee and an organizer of  dinner and movie events.  Their family simchas were Bar Mitzvah and auf ruf of our son.




Florence Kusnetz

Florence and Howard z”l joined in 1971 when they moved to Houston.  Her favorite memories are of the wonderful people they met at UOS.  One special memory she has is of their children walking to Shul with their father.  If they complained about the distance, didn’t matter since he always said “we’ve got to walk this far”.  They went to meetings and gave donations.  Howard was an officer.  Their family simchas were their sons Robert and Dan’s Bar Mitzvahs. 



Gillian and Michael Davis

They joined UOS in 1981.  Their favorite memories are of the marriage of their son, Bryan to Stacy Shushan in 2000 by Rabbi Radinsky; Rabbi Radinsky and Cantor Dean and the choir on 

the High Holidays; our 50th wedding anniversary at the Shul on December 6, 2012 and attending every Kol Nidre and Yom Kippur service since 1981.  Their volunteer activities include: Gillian was a member of the Chesed Committee with the responsibility of contacting congregants, participated in many chesed events organized by Doreen Lerner, Marisa Brown, et. al; Michael is a regular participant in the daily Shacharit services since May 2012 and recipient of the Hattan Torah award in 2020.  Family simchas include the marriage of their son in 2000 and 50th wedding anniversary in 2012.


Linda and Nelson Block

They joined UOS in 1976.  Their favorite memories include:  we always loved Cantor Dean’s Kol Nidre and his walk to the pulpit to begin services every year.  Nelson knew Cantor and Millie Dean since his boyhood in San Antonio; his parents were close friends of the Deans.  Linda fondly remembers when she was a “Dancing Matzah” at a sisterhood event and when she presented a program to the sisterhood about the history of mah-jongg.  Nelson and our sons used to sit with Linda’s great-uncle, Harry Freedman, on Shabbos and yom tov, and became very close with him.

Volunteer activities were:  Linda began the Friday challah program at Goldberg Montessori 38 years ago (1983) when their oldest son, Adam, started preschool. Linda has been on the Chesed Committee and made more than 300 phone calls to congregants during COVID and delivered Rosh HaShanah gifts to congregants. Linda has helped cook, bake, and serve at many synagogue events and helped with Purim carnivals for at least 30 years. She also participated in the holiday thank you project for area firefighters. Linda also coordinated a massive kosher chicken sale of 600 chickens during COVID and two Chinese dinners in December which were open to the entire community.

Nelson has helped give the Orthodox community a Scouting experience for their children for more than 40 years, including an internationally distributed weekly d’var Torah, Derech Tsofeh, for 10 years.  He has been privileged to provide legal representation to Orthodox community institutions, their clergy, and Holocaust survivors.

Family simchas include Adam’s Bar Mitzvah in 1993, Brian’s Bar Mitzvah in 1996, and Jordan’s Bar Mitzvah in 1999. Jordan and Chana’s wedding took place there on June 2, 2013.

We treasure our multi generation connection to UOS which includes

  • Linda’s great uncle and aunt, Harry and Molly Freedman (founders of the Hebrew Academy, now Beren Academy); Freedman Hall is named for them;
  • Linda’s grandfather, Sam Freedman;
  • Linda’s great grandparents Marcus and Hinda Nodler and Alter and Jennie Freedman.

Evelyn Reichenthal

I was born as a member of Adath Israel in 1924, and have been a member ever since. UOS was a major part of my life and that of my family.  I have many memories: listening to Cantor Dean and the choir, which was full of my relatives, watching my husband Sidney, who was President of UOS, sitting on the pulpit, dozing off during services, cooking in the kitchen with Sisterhood, convincing Millie Dean that you can’t call it a honey cake if you don’t put any honey in it!! I also have fond memories of the Cantor’s concerts and the plays like Malka Ropes a Texan.

I held many positions in the Sisterhood, and baked thousands of cookies for simchas with Martha Weisberg.  We celebrated many simchas at the shul: I was confirmed at Adath Israel, brisses – my son Max, grandson Eitan, and grandson Nathan (the infamous bris!), and Max’s Bar Mitzvah.

Marie and Stewart Levine

They joined UOS in August  1971.  Their favorite memories are of 

Rabbi  Radinsky B’H  and Cantor Dean B’H singing with children in Montessori & Sunday School.  Also in 1979, the addition of the new kitchen put in by Sisterhood.  Marie was the UOS Sisterhood President in 1979 and a Synagogue Board member two additional years.  She raised $27,000 in 1979 for the new kitchen put in by Sisterhood and was a participating member for as long as we had a sisterhood.  She was also on the baking committee/Shabbat decorations/fancy trays and was a Sunday School and Wednesday night high school teacher for over 25 years. 

Their  family simchas included:  Brenda Levine- Bat Mitzvah/Sunday School Graduation; Bris for Daniel and Benjamin Namer and hair cutting for Daniel and Ben Namer; Sam Levine-Bar MItzvah/Sunday School Graduation.

When Marie and Stewart moved here from New Orleans, they continued a 3 generation family tradition of buying the 2nd day Rosh Hashanah Levi Aliyah until Marie’s mother-Eleanor Hyman and brother-Joseph Hyman moved here too and joined UOS.  They wanted that aliyah so Stewart moved to the Yom Kippur Levi Aliyah.

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