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COVID-19 Resources

This resource page contains links and lists in order to help facilitate the sharing of information, and to match people who need help with those that are willing and able (and yearning!) to help others.


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Resources for Children and Families

Challah Bake

Pesach Treasure Hunt (Starts Wed. 3/25/20)

Chalk Your Walk

Shabbat at Home with Your Kids (Rabbanit Leah Sarna & Molly Jaret)

Pesach Coloring Sheets

Link To Parshat HaShavua Coloring Sheets

How To Talk To Your Kids About COVID - 19

Resources for quarantined families (PJ Library)

COVID-19 Guidance page here (Prizmah Knowledge Center)

Teens and Coronavirus: Living Life During a Pandemic (Moving Traditions)

A Social Story for Children: My School is Closed Today (Matan)

Covid-19 Resources from the Jewish Family Services of Houston


Passover Resources

  • New Dishes: Due to the current circumstances, there are no Keilim Mikvaot open in Houston. As such, the obligation to immerse new dishes in the mikva before use, cannot be fulfilled. If you must purchase new dishes, pots and pans etc. for Pesach this year please click this link for instructions on what to do. 

  • Seder In A Box: I have worked with Jenny Tavor on the creation of a “Seder In A Box” available for those who are seeking assistance in making a seder. The box contains the ritual items needed to have a halachically proper seder. It will also include a concise guide to making a seder. Details: SEDER IN A BOX. $ 36.00, 2 x Seder Plates including: Romaine leaves , Shankbone, Roasted egg, Fresh Horseradish, Parsley , Haroset , Salt Wate, 2 x 22 ounce bottles of Grape Juice , 2 x boxes of Matzah

  • Kosher For Passover Food: Jenny also offers a Kosher For Passover Catering. Please click here (Click on Menus and then on Passover 2020). Do not be concerned with minimum amounts. She will work with each customer to meet their needs. Email Jenny at

  • Genesis SteakHouse is also offering a Pesach Menu

Staying Connected

  • Click here to join a WhatsApp group so we can keep you updated on classes, programs, changes in policy etc.

  • Another good way to stay updated by clicking here and "Liking" our Facebook page 

  • Click here to join us for virtual davening: Sunday Shacharit at 8:00 am and weekday Shacharit at 7:00 am


Digital Learning and Classes

All UOS virtual events can be easily accessed using this link

Please see here for all the ways to virtually connect to UOS

Upcoming Classes

1. A four part online series on: Hidden Gems of the Haggadah. Each class will explore some of the lesser known aspects and customs of the Haggadah and the Pesach Seder.

Dates: Monday Nights (3/ 16, 3/23, 3/30, 4/6) at 8PM Via Zoom.


2. Ruthie will be offering a three part online series on Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)

Dates: Wednesday Nights 8pm 3/18 / 3/25 / 4/1




Use this link for all UOS Zoom programs -

Rabbi Gelman's COVID-19 Updates


Fri, April 3 2020 9 Nisan 5780