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COVID-19 Resources

This resource page contains links and lists in order to help facilitate the sharing of information, and to match people who need help with those that are willing and able (and yearning!) to help others.


Click here for the children and family resources section

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Resources for Children and Families

How To Talk To Your Kids About COVID - 19

Resources for quarantined families (PJ Library)

COVID-19 Guidance page here (Prizmah Knowledge Center)

Teens and Coronavirus: Living Life During a Pandemic (Moving Traditions)

A Social Story for Children: My School is Closed Today (Matan)

Covid-19 Resources from the Jewish Family Services of Houston


Staying Connected

  • Check Ins With RBG
    I will  be available in our Zoom Room to chat as follows. Please note, these are not private meetings, but a chance to gather with other UOS members for impromptu chats. 
    Mondays from 10:00AM - 10:30AM 
    Wednesdays from 2:00PM - 2:30PM
    Thursdays from 4:00PM - 4:30PM
    For those who would like to talk privately
    please use this link to set up a time to talk or just call me.

  • Click here to see the UOS Event calendar on google
  • Click here to join a WhatsApp group so we can keep you updated on classes, programs, changes in policy etc.

  • Another good way to stay updated by clicking here and "Liking" our Facebook page 

  • Click here to join us for virtual davening: Sunday Shacharit at 8:00 am and weekday Shacharit at 7:00 am


Digital Learning and Classes

All UOS virtual events can be easily accessed using this link

Please see here for all the ways to virtually connect to UOS


Please click here to see the upcoming events and classes    


Fri, February 26 2021 14 Adar 5781