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Our Neighborhood

UOS members who wish to live within walking distance to UOS can choose from a variety of housing options. We have an Eruv, which is under regular supervision by our rabbi, Rabbi Barry Gelman, and an Eruv Committee. Click here to view the UOS Eruv map.

On the north side of Willow Meadows, a biking/hiking trail lines Braes Bayou. Joggers and bikers can be seen on the trail at almost any time of day. On the South Side of Willow Meadows, Willow Park, a recently renovated park, offers a wide range of playground equipment and playing fields.

Willow Meadow’s Maintenance and Beautification Committee constantly works to maintain and heighten the aesthetics of our surroundings with its varied beautification programs. Willow Meadows’ Security Committee oversees the off-duty, Houston Police Department part-time employees who patrol the neighborhood in WMCC patrol cars and provide Willow Meadows’ residents a high degree of security.

For those not ready to purchase a home, there are several beautiful and safe apartment complexes located within the UOS eruv. 

Tue, September 28 2021 22 Tishrei 5782